For racehorses, brood mares, retired police horses, riding school ponies, competition horses – they all show benefits:

  • Improved over-all condition
  • Better performance in competition horses
  • Improved hydration especially after competition or work
  • Lower vets bills
  • Lower feeding costs

Greatly improved condition was seen in all horses who eat the fodder on a regular basis with the added benefit of giving energy but without the ‘heat’ generated by some hard food. From stallions to little ponies and from brood mares to Olympic competition horses, the fodder gives everything a horse needs, regardless of its day job. When fed 2 meals of barley shoots each day plus hay and water in between, your horses will maintain the best condition possible.

After conducting trials with race horses we can say with a high degree of credibility that after being fed with our sprouting fodder as a supplement for 3 months the win and place ratio was better than ever before.

In addition, the incidence of colic, respiratory illness and gut ulcers were significantly reduced across the stable. The superb digestibility of the fresh sprouting fodder helps with colic and ulcers. The lack of dust from dry feed, in turn helps with the respiration.