Installation requirements

Insulated building

Fodder sprouting system requires minimal space . For smaller sprouting systems the farmers usually adapt existing premises by repairing or reconstructing them. For larger systems (larger than 1 ton ) clients are usually constructing a new building. A well insulated building, roof and walls, reduces the costs of heating and cooling. GR 1000 system (1 ton) requires 100 m2 space , and 4 tons – 400 m2 room .

Water and Wastewater

Requires clean, consistent standards of hygiene, water or well water and sewerage .


Power supply for the climate control system, pumps, automatic dosing system.

High- quality grains

We use only certified, cleaned, 95 % germination of barley (and others) grains .This is a key factor to achieve the result, when from one kilogram of grain grows 7 kilograms of fresh fodder.


We recommend to use only our tested and certified nutrients to ensure product quality and volume.