We specialise in providing modular and fully automated feed growing systems for larger farms and commercial livestock operations, but we do carry smaller units for smaller farms or for trial installations. Our systems use an intensive method of growing hydroponic sprouting barley from seed to feed within 6 full days and is:

This technology is:

  • Unique
  • Permanent but moveable
  • Reliable
  • Water wise

This system will work anywhere in the world where power and water are available and can produce tons of sprouting fodder every day, all year round. The permanent installation enables you to grow sprouting fodder in a highly controlled environment and ensures that your livestock get a reliable supply of the most consistent, nutritious feed available.

They use a fraction of the water used by traditional methods of farming; it is usual in growing 1 ton of hydroponic sprouting barley out in the field to use over 50,000 litres of water. On average our 1 ton system uses approximately 800 litres of water per ton of sprouting fodder produced. The water used in the system is constantly re-circulated during the growing process and then can be recycled.

The entire product requires a highly insulated, steel framed building to control the internal environment and protect the sprouting fodder, maintaining precise humidity and temperatures.

The product has been established for 10 years and has been installed successfully across USA, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Korea, Morocco, Middle East and Lithuania.