Beef cattle and dairy cattle

Dairy cattle

Hydroponic fodder is so much more easily digestible, full of nutrients and enzymes that the energy spent on this digestion process would be far less with the resultant extra energy being diverted to milk production and growth.

Independent trials and studies also point to improved milk yields and content:

  • Decline in feed consumption per unit of production by 10 percent
  • Increasing yield by 15-20 percent
  • Increase the fat and protein content of milk to 0.1-0.3 percent
  • Decreasing the somatic cell count in milk
  • Cattle weight gain increases to 30 percent
  • Increasing feed digestibility
  • Improving animal health status


Beef cattle

  • Increasing cattle weight
  • Improving the quality of the coat
  • Increasing fertility
  • Decreasing incidence

A farmer who is using hydroponic sprouting system tell us that when winter feeding their bulls sprouting fodder as an integrated part of their diet they achieved a 41% increase in weight versus the control group fed on a normal winter diet.

In turn the benefits for the health of animals turn into benefits for the farmers with better prices at markets and more meat per animal at the abattoir.