How to sprout

We use a Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) system that in conjunction with our automated climate control system and specifically formulated nutrient mix provides the perfect conditions for hydroponic sprouting barley grain to grow from seed to feed in a full 7 day cycle.

The installation makes use of hydroponic technology and automated systems to deliver nutrients and water to the roots of the growing plants, when they need it.

The combination of the controlled environment and the techniques employed in growing the hydroponic sprouting barley drastically lowers water usage. Regular measurements suggest that over 50,000 litres are needed to make 1 ton of hay, our 1 ton system uses a mere 800 litres per ton.

Our system and processes regularly convert 1kg of seed into 6-7kg of feed in a full 7 day cycle (dependent on grain), at the same time removing any health concerns that plague other manufacturers such as the presence of molds and fungi.

Grain sprouting consists of three simple steps:

Preparation of grain . To sprout the grains they need 8 to 12 hours soaking in water.

Sprouting grains . Spread the grain on the trays for seven days, watering them automatically.

Harvesting . After seven days you can feed your animals with fresh feed.